Valentines Day Flowers Lakeland FL

Valentines Day Flowers Lakeland FL

Valentine's Day is an occasion to openly express love to your beloved and what better way to do so than by means of flowers from Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522! Every year lovers use flowers as the medium to convey their feelings for their Valentine. Of all the flowers sold by Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 on a Valentine's Day most commonly used Valentine's Day flower is the red Rose as this flower is traditionally recognized as the symbol of love and passion. A single perfect red rose clubbed with Baby's Breath flower is considered to a “signature rose” by Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  and is the most sought after flower of Valentine's Day.

Other flowers at Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 that are popular on the occasion of Valentine's Day include tulips, daffodils and irises. Many people also prefer a mixed flower bouquet on Valentine's Day, as it looks colourful and attractive. Most lovers try and avoid silk or artificial flowers as nothing matches the beauty and aroma of fresh flowers. Besides it is said that fresh flowers represent the genuine feelings of love towards the recipient. No, wonder florists across the world do a roaring business on Valentine's Day.

Origin of Rose as a Valentine's Day Flower

According to popular legends red rose is considered to be a favorite flower of Venus - the Roman mythological Goddess of Love and Beauty. Hence the red Rose came to be associated with love and romance. Historians believe that the tradition of giving red rose on Valentine's Day became popular in the 1700s when Charles II of Sweden introduced the Persian custom of "the language of flowers" to Europe. Books giving details about meanings of particular flowers were published which demonstrated to people how entire conversations could be carried out using just the flowers. Poets and romantics at heart also eulogized red rose as a symbol of love, passion and beauty that helped to create strong association of rose with love and Valentine's Day

Meaning of Different Colors of Roses

Rose of different colors symbolizes different emotions and feelings. One therefore needs to be careful while presenting a rose to loved one:

Red Roses - Love and passion

White Roses - True love, purity of the mind and reverence

Yellow Roses - Friendship, celebration and joy

Pink Roses - Friendship or Sweetheart, admiration

Peach Roses - Desire and excitement or appreciation

Lilac Roses - Love at first sight and enchantment

Coral Roses - Desire

Orange Roses - Enthusiasm and desire

Black Roses - Farewell or "It's Over"

Bouquet of Red and Yellow Roses: Happiness and celebrations

Bouquet of Red and White Roses: Bonding and harmony

Bouquet of Yellow and Orange Roses: Passion

Arrangement of Valentine's Day Bouquet

Traditionally a bouquet of dozen red roses from Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 is considered to be ideal and most romantic Valentine's Day gift. However, you may try and be a little more creative. A bouquet can be made to look charmingly different by adding balloons, candy or small stuffed animals to it. Besides ribbons, hearts, and toys can also be used to spice up the arrangement. With the help of the florists at Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 one can make a mixed flower bouquet by selecting flowers that convey the emotions of your heart. As Valentine's Day comes at the end of the winter season one can find a large number of spring flowers in their full bloom

Tips on Presenting Valentines Day Flower

Select the flower of your choice from Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 with love and use your own judgement to do so. Your bouquet may not have to be large to show your love, as it is the feelings that you carry with the bouquet that matters most. A great idea to touch your beloved's heart would be to attach a note along with the bouquet stating how much you love her or him. Do something unique in your own sweet way to make Valentine's Day more special for your beloved.

Women should not think that it is their sole right to receive flowers as surveys reveal that most men have the secret desire to be pampered with flowers by their sweethearts. It has been noticed that men like crisp colors like red, orange and yellow. Blooming plant is also a great Valentine's Day Gift Idea from Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 for men.

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The Wedding Dress Party

the gown parti

The girl wearing a red wedding dress flashy and stylish

The Girl Wearing a Wedding Dress

gown party

The girl wearing a wedding dress looks beautiful and elegant when later on the day of the party.

The White Bridal Dresses Collection

bridal dresses

bridal dresses gown

The wedding should be planned from the invitations, the day, let alone a wedding dress that legih diutamakanya sebebulum party time

Valentines Day Roses Lakeland, FL

When in doubt for Valentines Day, send roses from Discount Florist Lakeland, FL 863-937-6522 because roses are always right. And each rose color means something different: red roses mean (love), yellow roses mean (friendship), white roses for (respect), and so on.
Discount Florist 863-937-6522 sells Valentine Day Roses In Lakeland, FL at the very best discount prices because of our low overhead.

Make a Rose Bouquet Lakeland, FL

How To Make a Rose Bouquet by Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522

Roses from Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 are a classic for a reason. A simple rose bouquet can be used as the centerpiece for just about any occasion. These flowers are perfect for weddings, centerpieces at special events or just to say 'I love you' to that special someone! Follow these simple steps to make a rose bouquet.

Step 1:

Materials required.

2 dozen fresh roses from Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522

Green floral tape


Wide ribbon

Step 2:

Prepare the roses. When using fresh roses from Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 you will need to make bouquets the same day or the night before the event. Any sooner and the roses will start to wilt before your big day. Lay the roses flat and inspect them for thorns and any brown petals. Remove browning petals and thorns. Then select three roses to be the center of your bouquet.

Step 3:

Make a triangle with the three roses. Hold the stems in your hand and position the rose heads so that they are close together but each forms the point of a triangle. Vary their heights slightly, about ¼ inch above or below the center. The variation adds depth to the bouquet and makes it more interesting visually.

Step 4:

Add three more roses. Still holding your first set, add a rose next to each rose enlarging your triangle slightly. If your hands are small you can secure this set of six by wrapping floral tape around the center of the stems twice. This holds the stems together so you can add more Roses.

Step 5:

Continue adding more roses. Add a rose on each side of the triangle points or two for each of your first three roses for a total of six more roses. As you expand this shape it should be taking on a circular shape. Continue to add roses around the edge of the circle in even patterns until you have used the full two dozen blooms. Remember to vary the heights slightly as you add the roses.

Step 6:

Pull the Rose stems close together and wrap with floral tape. As you pull the stems tighter together you should notice the rose blooms angling slightly to form a rounded bouquet shape. Once you have the shape you desire, wrap the floral tape around the stems starting within an inch from the base of the blooms down to about two inches from the cut ends. Cut the stem ends so they are even.

Step 7:

Use ribbon to decorate the bouquet. Wrap the ribbon around the stems to hide the floral tape and decorate the bouquet. Tie the ends in a knot to secure or pin them to the stems with beaded head pins.

Step 8:

Store the bouquet in a cool place. Place the bouquet in a refrigerator or cool, airy room until you are ready to use them. If you have limited space, place the stems in ¼ of water in a vase. Then keep the Roses out of reach of interested hands as touching them will cause them to wilt faster.

Making your rose bouquet can be fun and gives a personal touch to any of your special events. Make sure you don't plan too far ahead or the Roses will lose some of their look and scent.
Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 sells only the freshest Roses In Lakeland, FL.
We are here to help you with with your Rose Bouquet

Lakeland FL Roses

Lakeland FL Roses (863) 937 6522
Surprise your friends and loved ones with Roses delivered fresh from the fields to their doorstep in Lakeland FL
Discount Florist offers the freshest Lakeland FL Roses.

Roses in Lakeland FL

Roses in Lakeland FL

Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 has great deals on Roses in Polk County, FL.
We proudly serve Lakeland, FL and the surrounding areas. We are family owned and operated and committed to offering only the finest Roses in Lakeland FL. We pride ourselves on Rose buying service that is friendly and prompt.
We sell all Roses

Blue Roses

Mixed Roses

Peach Roses

Pink Roses

Purple Roses

Red Roses

White Roses

Yellow Roses

All of our customers for Roses are important, our professional staff is dedicated to making your Gift Of Roses experience a pleasant one. That is why we always go the extra mile to make your Rose gift perfect.

Roses in Lakeland FL 863) 937 6522

The Girls Were Carrying Fresh Flowers Bouquet

flwer bouquet

wedding flower bouquetTwo girls are beautiful with flowers and fragrant

Tournament of Roses

What is New Year's Day without the Tournament of Roses Parade? I never miss it. Though the other acts are interesting, the floats are everyone's favorites, not just for the fanciful designs, but for the sheer volume of flowers used to achieve those designs! I especially like this past winner for it's use of roses.

I once read that the parade floats utilize so many flowers, they are responsible for two-thirds of Holland's GDP!

The first Tournament of Roses was staged in 1890 in Pasadena, CA., by transplanted Easterners who were eager to showcase the mild weather of their adopted home. (In other words, they were bragging that they weren't knee-deep in snow!). In those first few years, it expanded to include such oddities as ostrich races and bronco busting.

Today's floats now feature high-tech computerized animation and use exotic materials from all over the world. A few floats are still made by volunteers working to benefit their organization, but most are now made by professional float building companies, and can take up to a year to reach completion.

It's not the only parade on New Year's Day, but it's surely the reason this one is called "The Granddaddy of Them All"!

At Bloomers, we can't build you a float, but we can definitely create something beautiful for your New Year!

Wow! What a whirlwind holiday season. Many blessings to count. Wedding for 200 tonight was such great fun. Looking forward to a few more days of relaxation with our next wedding on Jan. 2. Happy 2010 to all! Keep up with the latest posting for our upcoming Open House. Hope to see and meet many future guests to TAD AKERS. Now also working on our latest and greatest 30 second and l minute "commercial" for use on YouTube, FaceBook, etc. If you have any great pics from TAD AKERS please send us info on how to have access. They could be in our next ad campaign!!

Fresh Flowers Delivery Shop In San Francisco

The value of flowers in our daily lives simply cannot be ruled over. These are one creation that bring smile on the faces of most emotionless souls. Then these can be presented to anyone whether girlfriend or wife, grandfather or nieces or sons and daughters.

And you can be rest assured that no matter how angry they might be from you they would surely forgive you and long to meet. However, one thing that has happened in modern times is that people have become extremely busy. So much so that they ...

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Fresh Flowers

There is nothing as fresh as a flower. Fresh flowers arouse a kind of beautiful and lively feeling in the hearts of receivers. They fill the whole atmosphere with their fragrance. It is known fact that freshly scented environs uplift the mind and spirit. We, automatically, possess positive attitude if we are surrounded by the positive minded people and things. A pleasant looking thing tends to refresh and motivate us.

Floral decorations are the important part of homes and offices. You can not expect any celebration without the presence of flowers. You can see flowers at an occasion in the form of decorations and as the gifts.

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Photo Confirmation

Photo Confirmation Invitations, Photo Confirmation Announcements And Photo Confirmation Cards - For All Occasions.

Announcements-Shoppe offers truly unique confirmation invitations announcements cards, including photo confirmation invitations. You can add a photo or picture to your invitations announcements cards, ensuring each confirmation invitation has that personal touch. This will allow your family and friends to see a picture of your child when they receive their confirmation invitations and will cherish the cute photo confirmation cards forever.

With great pleasure introduces our newest service: "Photo Confirmation".When flowers are delivered ,we will take a picture of that special someone with the bouquet.

Photo Confirmation is provided for orders delivered only in the city of San Francisco.

Wedding Flowers Lakeland Florida 33803

Discount Florist Lakeland FL  (863) 937 6522  - Wedding Flowers Lakeland Florida 33803

 Every aspect of your wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, includes flowers. Their beauty makes them the perfect accessory for the bride's wedding dress, and the groom's tuxedo. Flowers are also the perfect finishing touch to any decoration. Unless you have a garden full of flowers in your backyard, you'll need Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522  to create stunning bouquets and decorations.

Here are the different bouquets and floral arrangements from Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522  you may want:

  1. Bridal bouquet
  2. Bridal party bouquets
  3. Boutonnieres (for groom, best man, groomsmen, ring bearer, fathers, grandfathers)
  4. Corsages (for mothers and grandmothers)
  5. Alter and aisle Flower arrangements
  6. Centerpieces (for reception tables)
  7. Guest book table Floral arrangement
  8. Flower girl headdress
  9. Flowers or petals for the flower girl's basket
  10. Flowers for your wedding cake ! 

You should also have finalized your wedding day (time of day and year), formality of the wedding, wedding themes and colors (bridesmaid dress color), and booked your ceremony and reception sites.

Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522  florist will be able to:

  • make suggestions, supply any type of flower (whether in season or not)
  • provide photos and samples of our wedding work
  • suggest many designs for any style of wedding
  • Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522 will work with the baker to design the wedding cake
  • Discount Florist Lakeland FL will  provide customer references.
  • We will guarantee our work, freshness (quality) and on-time delivery of your flowers
The most important aspect in choosing a wedding florist in Lakeland, FL is finding someone who will work with you and listen to your thoughts and concerns. While Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522  will offer our professional opinion, you will not feel as though yours don't count. This is your wedding day!
Every decision made about your wedding is ultimately yours.
Discount Florist Lakeland FL is here to guide you, and keep you from making serious and  costly mistakes!

Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522 - Wedding Flowers Lakeland Florida 33803

Mothers Day Flowers Lakeland FL 33803

 Mothers Day Flowers Lakeland FL 33803

Mother’s Day Flowers from Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522  can range from simple and entertaining to extravagant and expensive. But the one gift that will really make your mother happy on her special day is the gift of sweet-scented, beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. Because flowers are among the most popular gifts to give during Mother’s Day, Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522  have come up with a vast assortment of arrangements for this occasion. These arrangements not only show you care, but your mother will notice how attuned you are to the type of flowers she enjoys.

 Carnations are the most popular flowers used in Mother’s Day bouquets at Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522  because they are said to represent endurance, purity, sweetness, and all the amazing qualities of most mothers. The color of the carnation is also just as important. A single white carnation is usually placed on the gravestone of mothers who have passed away. Red or pink carnations are perfect for Mother’s Day if you don’t live anywhere near her because they communicate that, “You are always on my mind.”

If you’re not sure that your mom would like carnations, roses are always your best bet from Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522 , for they are time-tested symbols of love. You might not want to give mother a dozen all red roses though – these signify passionate love and are more appropriate for a husband to give to his wife on Mother’s Day. However, if you know that she prefers red roses, you might want to try a combination of white and red roses from Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522  in a tight bouquet. A white rose represents purity of heart and is the type of rose mother and child share together. Mixed with red roses, this combination bouquet brings warmth to the heart.

Other popular rose colors at Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522   include dark pink, yellow, and deep orange. Dark pink roses symbolize admiration, while yellow roses communicate pride and success. For a more unique look, take one color scheme and incorporate carnations and other flowers along with the roses.

Discount Florist Lakeland Florida Flowers are presents that bring a smile to any woman’s face; they are easily available and come in arrangements that cater to different tastes. Although a bouquet of roses might not repay everything your mom has done for you, they’re a great way to remind her that you love her and appreciate everything she has done for you. Send your mother a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522  as a bold testament of your love for her on Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day Flowers Lakeland FL 33803

The Girl With Bouquet Of Fresh

wedding flower girl

flower bouquet

The girl with bouquet of fresh 

Red Roses Lakeland FL - Sale Prices On Lakeland Red Roses

History and Meaning of Red Roses by Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522

Primary Significance of Red Roses: Love and Romance

The Red Rose not only carries more meaning than many other color roses, it is also one of the most universal of all symbols. The long, storied history of the red rose has lent it a wealth of significance. Red roses have been represented in countless works of art, from classical paintings and poetry to modern day music and media. They have appeared throughout history and across many cultures as political and religious symbols. The mystique of the red rose has been a source of immeasurable inspiration for many throughout the ages. However, it is as the symbol for love that the red rose is most commonly recognized.

Red roses, as we think of them today at Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522, are the traditional symbol for love and romance. The modern red rose we are now familiar with in Florida, was introduced to Europe from China in the 1800's. However, the meanings associated with them can be traced back many centuries, even to some of the earliest societies. The color red itself evolved from an early primal symbol for life into a metaphor for deep emotion. In Greek mythology the red rose was closely tied to the goddess of love. Many early cultures used red roses to decorate marriage ceremonies and they were often a part of traditional wedding attire. Through this practice, the red rose became known as a symbol for love and fidelity. As the tradition of exchanging roses and other flowers as gifts of affection came into prevalence, the red rose naturally became the flower of choice in Lakeland Florida for sending the strongest message of love. This is a tradition that has endured at Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522 to the present day.

Red Roses continue to be the most popular way at Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522 to say "I love you" to someone special. The rich heritage of the red rose has culminated in its modern day image as the lover's rose. They are the definitive symbol for romantic sentiments, representing true love, stronger than thorns. Red Roses are a meaningful gift, perfect for expressing feelings for a loved one in Lakeland on Valentine's Day, an anniversary or simply "just because." For the budding relationship, a red rose bouquet can also signal the beginning of romantic intentions. They can send a message of commitment and an invitation to take the next step. Even the simplicity of a single red rose can elicit a powerful response. Whatever the occasion, red roses have an allure that is hard to resist, and so is our great pricing on Red Roses at Discount Florist Lakeland Florida (863) 937 6522!

Roses Lakeland FL - Sale Prices On Lakeland FL Roses

 Roses Lakeland FL

Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 can help you find the perfect rose for every occasion but a classic choice is always the long-stemmed rose. They make a dramatic statement and can be arranged by Lakeland Discount Florist in a tall vase or trimmed down for shorter, more understated look. Loose stems can be put into a vase by Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 for an instantly beautiful, striking addition to any room or office and are virtually foolproof when it comes to arrangement of these flowers. When placed with sleek greenery or elegant calla lilies, the affect becomes even more intense and stunning than a single-flower arrangement. A hand-tied rose flower bouquet can also be carried over one arm for special events such as graduations, proms, debutante balls and weddings. And Lakeland Discount Florist rose sprays are mainstays at funerals and memorial services.

Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 Information About Different Types of  Roses

Roses have been party to the symbolic gestures of romance and friendship since time immemorial. There are about a hundred species of wild roses. Most species have leaves about five to fifteen centimeters long. The leaflets have a serrated margin and some have small prickles on the underside of the stem. Flowers of most species have five petals. The colors of roses are white, pink, yellow and the most famous red. Here is the description from Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 and a list of some of the types of roses.

The various species of roses are the Rosa canina, known as the dog rose or briar bush, the Rosa dumalis, known as the Glaucous dog rose, the Rosa gallica, known as the Gallic rose and French rose, the Rosa laevigata, known as the Cherokee Rose, the Rosa multiflora, known as the multifrola rose, the Rosa rubiginosa, known as the sweet Brier, the Rosa virginiana, known as the Virginia Rose and the Rosa rubiginosa, known as the Rugosa rose and the Japanese Rose.

At Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 Roses are the most commonly sold flowers. Since there are many species of Roses, along with the hybrids and cultivars, no single system of classification of roses exists. However, the various groups that roses can be placed in are:

Alba: The alba are white roses which are derived from the Rosa arvensis and the Rosa alba. They are the oldest garden roses sold by Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522. These flowers flower once every year in the spring. They mostly have blossoms of white or pale pink.

Damask: The Damask bloom once in summer. They have more vicious thorns than many other rose types. The Damask rose was first seen in 1254.

China: As evident from their name, the China roses were grown in East Asia. These roses bloom repeatedly in summer and in late autumn. These flowers also tan in time. They are smaller and less fragrant than other roses. They also bloom poorly.

Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 Bermuda Roses: These roses were found to be growing in Bermuda for a century. They are highly resistant to plant diseases and loss like nematode damage and fungal diseases.

Bourbon Rose: These Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 roses are said to have originated off the coast of Madagascar. These roses have semi climbing shrubs and a purple tinted cane. They are probably the result of a cross between the Autumn Damask and the Old Bush China rose.

Noisette: The Noisette is a result of a cross between the China Rose’s Parson’s Pink and the Rosa moschafa. It produces huge cluster of roses from spring to fall.

Moss Rose: These are mutations of damask or centifola roses. They flower once, though some Moss flowers do exhibit repeat blooming.

Gallica: The gallica roses come from the Rosa Gallica, coming from the central and southern Europe. They flower once in summer. These roses may have shades of red, crimson, maroon and deep purple.

Centifola Roses: Centifola are also called cabbage roses due to the globular shaped flowers. These flowers are a result of the damask roses crossed with albas. They are once-flowering.

Portland Rose: These roses are the result of a cross between the first China roses and European roses. They are named after the Duchess of Portland. Portland rose is the first rose to have repeated-flowered ever. Their plants are short and shrubby.

Tea Cup Rose: Tea is the result of crossing China roses with various Noisette and Bourbon roses. They are more tender as compared to Garden roses. Their color range includes yellow, white and pink. Their petals tend to roll back at the edges, and therefore the petal at the middle has a pointed tip.

Other than these, there are some modern garden roses sold by Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522. However, they can be quite confusing because the modern garden roses do have old garden roses in their ancestry. The Hybrid Tea is one such modern garden rose. The hybrid tea were bought about by hybridising Pertpetuals and Tea. They have colors like apricot, copper, yellow bicolors, lavender, brown, gray and deep yellow.

Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 sells Roses in Lakeland, FL at great prices!

Lakeland Florida Roses 33801

Lakeland Florida Roses 33801

Lakeland Discount Florist  (863) 937 6522  feels that one of the most revered and popular flowers ever is the rose. Roses are incredibly versatile flowers that we carry in a myriad  of colors, sizes and varieties. Roses make wonderful gifts for any occasion from celebrating the birth of a baby, honoring Mom on Mother’s Day or memorializing someone who has died. There are hundreds of different types of roses we can provide you with at Lakeland Discount Florist, and many have special meaning based on tradition or lore. If you are like many people, you love the way roses look, smell and hold up in a variety of conditions.At Lakeland Discount Florist, you can choose a  rose for a gift that is not only sweet, but also very meaningful to the person who receives the roses.

Color usually dictates the meaning behind different roses. Some of these include:

Red Roses– Love, Romantic Love, Passion

Deep Burgundy Roses – Beauty

White Roses – Purity and Innocence. For brides, white roses mean “Happy Love”

Pink Roses – “Thank you”, Gentleness, Grace

Light Pink Roses – Sympathy, Joy, Sweetness

 Yellow Roses – Friendship, Promise, Remember Me, Jealousy

Orange Roses – Desire, Enthusiasm

Red and White Roses (together) – Unity

Red and Yellow Roses (together) – Happy Feelings

Peach Roses – Sincerity, Gratitude

Coral Roses – Feelings of Desire

Lavender Roses – Enchantment

Blue Roses – Unattainable

As for different rose varieties, your Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  can help you find the perfect rose for every occasion but a classic choice is always the long-stemmed rose. They make a dramatic statement and can be arranged by Lakeland Discount Florist in a tall vase or trimmed down for shorter, more understated look. Loose stems can be put into a vase by Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  for an instantly beautiful, striking addition to any room or office and are virtually foolproof when it comes to arrangement of these flowers. When placed with sleek greenery or elegant calla lilies, the affect becomes even more intense and stunning than a single-flower arrangement. A hand-tied rose flower bouquet can also be carried over one arm for special events such as graduations, proms, debutante balls and weddings. And Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  rose sprays are mainstays at funerals and memorial services.

Tell someone you love them, want them, need them, think they are beautiful or feel gratitude for them with the gift of roses and you have made a fantastic choice. The universal appeal and femininity of roses is in sharp contrast with the flower’s thorny stems and hearty nature. Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  feels this is part of the appeal for rose lovers. Just like people, roses are not what they seem at first glance and offer admirers of roses more than meets the eye.

Lakeland Florida Roses 33801

long stem roses lakeland florida

long stem roses lakeland florida (863) 937 6522

Long Stem Roses - Product Description

Six beautiful long stem roses are artfully arranged in a beautiful glass vase. Send your love with this beautiful long stem rose composition. Six long stem roses arranged with greenery and accent flowers and delivered in a clear glass vase.

Approximate size: Height 26", Width 9"

Areas Served By Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 - Polk County and Lakeland, Florida.

To help assure on-time long stem roses delivery during the busy holiday season, we kindly ask that you please place your long stem roses order with Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 at least 2 days prior to the following major holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Valentines Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Mothers Day and Fathers Day long stem roses.

Call Discount Florist at (863) 937 6522 for long stem roses in lakeland florida.

Lakeland Florida Flower Delivery Service - Lakeland Discount Florist

Lakeland Florida Flower Delivery Service 33813, 33860, 33802, 33840, 33849, 33803, 33804, 33809, 33805, by Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522

The friendly staff at Lakeland Florida Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  can create beautiful flower arrangements and gifts suitable for all of your gift-giving needs.  Lakeland Florida Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  can deliver fresh, beautiful flowers, to Lakeland, FL and surrounding Polk County areas, with same day flower delivery in Lakeland, Florida available at no extra cost.
Lakeland Florida Discount Florist can also make deliveries nationwide through our network of reliable florists.

Count On Lakeland Florida Flower Delivery Service by Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  for Expertly Arranged Flowers in Polk County, FL!

Lakeland Florida Flower Delivery Service (863) 937 6522   provides flower delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in Florida: 33813, 33860, 33802, 33840, 33849, 33803, 33804, 33809, 33805,

Florist Shop Lakeland Florida

Florist Shop Lakeland Florida 33813, 33860, 33802, 33840, 33849, 33803, 33804, 33809, 33805,

Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  is a family owned and operated floral shop in Lakeland, FL. The love of beautiful flowers, and arranging them for our Lakeland Florida area customers, is our only Business.
It is our passion at Lakeland Discount Florist to make you happy! We touch every arrangement personally, and with love. Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  provides premium flowers, professionally and tastefully arranged, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Being centrally located, Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  has the very freshest flowers available on the market. We strive to amaze every customer. Our goal at Lakeland Discount Florist is to serve you properly, and to meet and exceed all your floral giving needs. Lakeland Discount Florist guarantee's you will be delighted. Our flowers can express your deepest emotions, from the simplest of designs to the grandest of arrangements. Lakeland Discount Florist also offers a large selection of tropical plants, house plants and unusual anthuriums, also ivy topiaries and calatheas, as well as great deals on Roses. All Lakeland Discount Florist plants are fresh from the growers. From birthdays to weddings to new baby or just because you feel like it, Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  can fulfill all your Floral needs.

Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  is a complete custom floral shop with a full time flower designer on staff. That means we can get and do just about anything Flower related you want. Just give Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  a call with your requirements, and with just a little time we can deliver what you have in mind.

Lakeland Discount Florist makes ordering easy too. Give us at call (863) 937 6522
Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522 for a free consultation with our floral designer.
  We deliver Flowers anywhere in the world. Relay fees only apply to areas outside of our delivery area.

Our hours at Lakeland Discount Florist (863) 937 6522  are:

Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (same day delivery if ordered by 3 pm)

Saturday 10am to 6pm

33813, 33860, 33802, 33840, 33849, 33803, 33804, 33809, 33805, Florist Shop Lakeland Florida

Discount Florist Lakeland FL flower delivery 33813, 33860, 33802, 33840, 33849, 33803, 33804, 33809, 33805

Your Trusted Lakeland Florida Flower Shop – Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522

Look no further than Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522, the very best  Lakeland Florida florist, for beautiful and prefessionally arranged flowers and gift baskets for any occasion.

Discount Florist Lakeland FL friendly staff will handle your order with care.
Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522  can send flower delivery to Lakeland and surrounding zip codes 33813, 33860, 33802, 33840, 33849, 33803, 33804, 33809, 33805,  as well as to cities across the entire country through our nationwide network of florists. For those last-minute gifts, Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522 is pleased to offer same day flower delivery at no extra cost.

There’s never a wrong time to send beautiful flowers. Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522 carries a vast array of flowers in Lakeland FL for every occasion, from beautiful anniversary flower arrangements to cheerful get well flower bouquets. Valentine’s Day flowers, Mother’s Day flowers, birthday flowers, any day will be special when you send fresh flowers! Let Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522 a top flower shop in Lakeland, help you create the right impression with a spectacular arrangement of vibrant flowers. If in the unfortunate instance you need to express your sentiments with sympathy funeral flowers, Discount Florist Lakeland FL is here for you as well.

When you want to send a thoughtful gift, why not send flowers? Using Discount Florist Lakeland FL(863) 937 6522, you can order flowers in Lakeland at your convenience, 7 days a week. The extensive  selection from Discount Florist Lakeland FL is sure to please. For a unique gift, you can call Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522 and one of our highly trained florists in Lakeland, Florida will create a beautiful one-of-a-kind floral arrangement just for you.

Quality Flowers from Lakeland Florida's Best  Flower Shop (863) 937 6522 – Discount Florist Lakeland FL

The staff at Discount Florist Lakeland FL takes great pride in creating beautiful arrangements using only the freshest flowers in Lakeland. Discount Florist Lakeland FL also provides an ample selection of plants and gift baskets for all occasions. When you order from Discount Florist Lakeland FL, you can be sure to receive a hand-arranged floral bouquet delivered with care. Your special occasions deserve nothing less than a brilliant arrangement from one of the leading flower shops in Lakeland - Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522

When you order online, you sometimes don’t know what you’re going to get. Some floral sites ship flowers from massive warehouses, so your recipients receive a cardboard box with uncut flowers on their doorstep. Not so with Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522. We’re an actual florist in Lakeland, Florida staffed by people whose goal is to satisfy our customers. When you order through our secure website, you’re sure to get artistically hand-arranged, hand-delivered fresh flowers in Lakeland Florida, and nationwide. Why risk sending something your loved ones have to unpack and arrange themselves when you can send an abundant arrangement from Discount Florist Lakeland FL?

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Discount Florist Lakeland FL (863) 937 6522 provides flower delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in Florida: 33813, 33860, 33802, 33840, 33849, 33803, 33804, 33809, 33805

Florist Lakeland, FL 33801,33802,33803,33804,33805,33806, 33807

Discount Florist Lakeland, FL (863) 937 6522 (863) 937 6522 Flower Delivery In Lakeland Florida Zip Codes 33801, 33802, 33803, 33804, 33805, 33806,

Discount Florist Lakeland Florida offers Exquisite, Unique & Unusual Floral Designs

Discount Florist Lakeland, FL (863) 937 6522 offers Complete Wedding & Event Coordinating

Discount Florist Lakeland, FL has  Custom Silk Designs, Orchid Plants, Green Plants, Fruit and Gourmet Baskets, Soy Candles and Balloons.

Our Delivery Service covers Lakeland Florida zip codes 33801,33802,33803,33804,33805,33806, 33807

Full Service Lakeland Florida Florist • World Wide Delivery • Unusual Designs • Fresh Seasonal Flowers & Botanicals • Dried & Silk Arrangements • Fruit & Gourmet Baskets • Tropical & Exotic Flowers • Plants & Dish Gardens • Orchids & Bromeliads • Glassware & Pottery • Soy Oil Candles & Glycerin Soaps • Corporate Gifts • Weddings, Special Events and Dinner Parties for all Lakeland Florida zip codes 33801,33802,33803,33804,33805,33806, 33807

 Fresh Flowers & Botanicals

Discount Florist Lakeland, FL is dedicated to quality, our flower arrangements are created with only the freshest, seasonal flowers and botanicals from reputable wholesalers and growers from around the world Discount Florist Lakeland, FL carries premium quality long-stem roses from Ecuador, spring flowers from the United States and Holland, tropicals and exotics from Hawaii, Thailand, Costa Rica, South America and Africa.

Green & Blooming Plants from Discount Florist Lakeland, FL

Our flower shop carries a wide variety of both green and blooming plants - orchids, bromeliads, dishgardens, house plants, hanging baskets and much more. Call Discount Florist Lakeland, FL today to inquire as to what's in our "greenhouse."

Fruit Baskets, Gift Baskets & Gourmet Baskets from Discount Florist Lakeland, FL

We can create the perfect fruit, gift or gourmet basket for any occasion. If you have something special in mind, don't hesitate to give Discount Florist Lakeland, FL a call.

Specialty Services of Discount Florist Lakeland, FL

At Discount Florist Lakeland, FL we offer a number of specialty services to help our customers - wedding consultation and coordinating, home decorating, holiday decor, corporate weekly flowers, reminder services, flowers for dinner parties and special events.

For the best in flowers and gifts, call our flower shop at Discount Florist Lakeland, FL today!

Hours Of Operation:

Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Discount Florist Lakeland, FL (863) 937 6522 has 30 Years of Flower Arrangement Experience in Lakeland Florida area zip codes 33801, 33802, 33803, 33804, 33805, 33806, 33807

Florist Lakeland FL 33801 Flower Delivery

Visit Lakeland  Discount Flowers, The Leading Florist in Polk County, FL (863) 937 6522

When you need flower delivery, Lakeland Discount Florist  is here for you. We have an expansive array of flowers, plants and gifts to suit any occasion, and Lakeland Discount Florist staff can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind gift you’re sure to love. Lakeland Discount Florist  is a member of a nationwide network of trusted florists and can help you send a thoughtful gift across the country when you can’t be there yourself. Same day flower delivery is offered at no additional charge; just another reason Lakeland Discount Flowers  is one of the top florists in Lakeland

Bring a smile to their faces with a bouquet of fresh get well flowers! Lakeland Discount Florist features floral arrangements and gift baskets for every occasion. Valentine’s Day flowers, Mother’s Day flowers, birthday flowers, you name it -- Lakeland Discount Florist  one of the leading flower shops in Polk County, FL has just the bouquet you are looking for. You can count on Lakeland Discount Florist  to deliver gift baskets, stunning anniversary flowers, or even sympathy funeral flowers in Polk County, FL.

When you want to send a thoughtful gift, why not send flowers? Using Lakeland Discount Florist telephone service , you can order flowers in Lakeland at your convenience.  The extensive selection from Lakeland Discount Florist is sure to please. For a unique gift, you can call us and one of our highly trained florists in Lakeland, FL will create a beautiful one-of-a-kind floral arrangement just for you.

Rely on Lakeland Discount Florist for the Finest Flowers in Polk County Florida!

For the very best in flowers in Polk County, FL and zip codes 33801,33802,33803,33804,33805,33806, 33807, look no further than Lakeland Discount Florist.
 We have a wide variety of floral bouquets for you to choose from or Lakeland Discount Florist  can create a custom design that’s just right for your special occasion. Your flowers will arrive hand-arranged in a vase at their peak of freshness, never in a box. Whether you order online or by phone, you can depend on Lakeland Discount Florist  one of the most experienced florists in Lakeland, FL.

Beware of some floral sites, particularly those of the large national brands, which ship flowers in a box. Don’t take away from the delight of receiving fresh flowers by leaving your recipient to unpack their own flowers and arrange them in a vase themselves. Leave it to one of the best florists in Polk County Florida when you need to send flowers in Lakeland, FL or anywhere nationwide. Your bouquet from Lakeland Discount Florist will always arrive beautifully arranged in a vase using the freshest flowers available and personally delivered to your recipient’s door courtesy of Lakeland Discount Florist .

Roses Lakeland FL

Boxed Roses Lakeland, FL. (863) 937 6522

A box of roses from Lakeland Discount Roses makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Send our one dozen luxury boxed roses to brighten up someone's day. You can choose to include a box of chocolates with your Lakeland Discount Roses order during  check out. Send beautiful boxed roses from Lakeland Discount Roses (863) 937 6522

Fast Rose Delivery at Lakeland Discount Roses

Why use Lakeland Discount Roses for your rose delivery needs ? Lakeland Discount Roses has delivered beautiful roses for thousands of happy customers around the globe. Our beautiful roses are carefully picked, shipped fresh by Lakeland Discount Roses, and delivered  quickly right to your doorstep. Send roses online for the very next day rose delivery anywhere in the United States by Lakeland Discount Roses

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